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Why choose
Trinet Express?

Trinet Express is the simplest way to ship your small parcels. We’ve made it impossibly simple to find the best rates and services and quickly ship your packages.

We even consolidate all of your shipments onto a single invoice and give you a direct point of contact at Trinet so that you don’t even have to worry about dealing with carriers when issues arise. Now that’s hero-like customer service.


Save Money

We consolidate all of our customer’s volume, you’re able to benefit from collective discounts with all of our carriers - something that would be nearly impossible if you were flying solo. Also, our platform gives you the ability to instantly shop different carriers for the best rates and service levels. Now that’s a smarter way to shop.

Save Time

Trinet Express makes creating import and export documents a breeze and gives you all of your shipment information in a single platform, regardless of the carrier you decided to ship with. No more travelling around from website to website in order to figure things out. Do it all from one platform.

Easy To Use

Need to ship a package? Ship it in 60 seconds. Have an issue? Call us. Need to track your shipments? Done, in one single platform. Trinet Express is the one you wish you had for your small parcels. No more headaches, just fast, easy and inexpensive shipping.

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How does Trinet Express work?

Trinet Express takes your shipping request and sends it to many carriers at once, giving you an instant view of what’s available out there for your shipment. We even share our discounts with you so that you have access to amazing rates, too.

  • Enjoy a quick and clear shopping experience
  • Super easy creation of paperwork and labels for instant printing
  • Contains a complete shipping log, tracking system, reporting tool and address book
  • Easily create reports from your shipping history with our reporting tools
  • Easily schedule your pickups when you need them
  • Give access to the right people in your team with their own credentials
  • Quote your shipment with multiple carriers in seconds
  • Direct customer service line for all platform & shipment-related questions

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